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Jr. Vaqueros

Poway Junior Vaqueros is a fun developmental club soccer program designed to build the necessary skills to become a successful soccer player. Fundamentals are taught by professional coaches and their assistants in age appropriate drills and activities. The weekend games will be 4 vs. 4 plus goalies, with one substitute per team. All players rotate into different positions with everyone getting equal playing time.

• Designed for boys and girls ages 6-8
• Season August through November
• 2 practices a week with games on Fridays
• Quality instruction provided by professional coaches and assistants

Skills Development
Junior Vaqueros will be coached by a member of the Vaqueros professional coaching staff. In order to keep the ratio of players to coaches low, high school aged high-level players will assist the coach. This will allow all activities to occur in small groups with supervision, and lots of opportunities to touch the ball. Players will have two practices a week.

Games will be played weekly using a 5v5 format (4 field players plus a goalie) on a small field. This type of format has been scientifically shown to increase the opportunities for players to use the skills they are learning in game situations, helping them to learn them better.

There will be no set teams. The Junior Vaqueros will be divided into teams each week for games, allowing fun and skills to be the focus rather than league standings. The coach will make adjustments to create the best environment possible each week.

How does the Jr Vaqueros Program differ from Fall Recreational Soccer? 


Fall Recreational Div. 6 Program

Junior Vaqueros


Ages 6-8 registered as recreational players. No tryouts required.

Ages 6-8 registered as recreational players. No tryouts required.


Parent volunteers. Most with YM1 licenses (half day class). Some have good playing and/or coaching experience. Usually another parent volunteer acts as an assistant coach.

Professional or semi-professional coach. National Licenses and significant playing and coaching experience. Depending on the number of players there will be 1-3 assistant coaches who are high school age high level players.


1-2 practices per week depending on coach’s preference.

2 practices per week


8v8 with league standings.

Teams are divided up before the season begins. From a skills development standpoint, the team size and field size are less than ideal. From a team feeling, recreational competition standpoint they are a good size. 11 game schedule on Saturdays, September through November.

5v5 (4v4+goalies) on a small field.

Teams are divided up each week from among the players. Players have reversible jerseys to facilitate this. Games are informal, no standings are kept and teams are changed each week. All players move to all positions, and playing time is expected to be equal for all players. Emphasis is on fun and skills development over competition. 12-14 games will be possible. Games are on Friday afternoons.

Post Season

Some players will be selected for an all-star team that will play in 1-3 tournaments in November/December.

If there is sufficient interest and the coaches determine that it is in the best interest of the players,  8v8 boys and girls teams may be formed to play in the Poway Thanksgiving Tournament. If this is done, all players who choose to participate may. There may be a small additional fee for those who participate. Last year this was $10.