• Valley Open
  • Meadowbrook Upper Open
  • Meadowbrook Lower Open
  • Hilleary Open
  • Arbolitos Open
  • Silverset Open
  • Valley verde Open
  • Tierra Bonita/Twin Peaks Open

Vaqueros Teams

2017-2018 Poway Vaqueros Academy Teams

2009Matt AdamsAcademy
2009Aaron Fenalson Academy
2008Aaron FenalsonAcademy2008John CarnaroliAcademy
2008Evan Myers Academy
2008Matt AdamsAcademy
2007John CarnaroliAcademy2007Jen SchultzAcademy
2007Johnny TopeteAcademy2007Jack WardlowAcademy
2006Gary RossiAcademy2006Kimberly Randall Academy
2006Elios BernonAcademy2006Ali AtkinsonAcademy
2005Christine DrummondAcademy2005Becca TopeteAcademy
2005Jeff ModlinAcademy2005Chris GallinetiAcademy
2004Amine RachediAcademy2004Christine DrummondAcademy
2004Becca TopeteAcademy
2003Gene Morris Academy2003 Jen SchultzAcademy
2003Johnny TopeteAcademy
2002Gene MorrisAcademy2002Gerardo CostesAcademy
2001Rob CraftsAcademy2001Shawni FlintAcademy
2000Jerry Velazquez Academy2000Gerardo CostesAcademy

There are still teams looking for players.  If your son or daughter is interested in trying out please contact the coach listed next to their birth year below.

Boys Teams

Aaron Fenalson- Boys 2009   Aaron.m.fenlason@gmail.com

Aaron Fenalson- Boys 2008 (Goalkeeper)   Aaron.m.fenlason@gmail.com

Gary Rossi – Boys 2006 twoaichs@pacbell.net

Elios Bernon- Boys 2006 eliosbernon@gmail.com

Jeff Modlin- Boys 2005 jeffmodlin@hotmail.com

Amine Rachedi – Boys 2004 oldcastleunited1978@yahoo.com

Johnny Topete – Boys 2003 (Goalkeeper)  topete1107@yahoo.com

Gene Morris – Boys 2002 coachgenemorris@yahoo.com

Rob Crafts – Boys 2001 rcrafts2002@yahoo.com

Girls Teams 

Jen Schultz – Girls 2007 jen_schultz13@yahoo.com

Jack Wardlow – Girls 2007 jackrwardlow@gmail.com

Ali Atkinson – Girls 2006 ali.atkinson@cox.net

Gerardo Costes – Girls 2002 gerardo.costes@hp.com

Shawni Flint – Girls 2001 (SDDA Flight 1)  sdflint7@gmail.com

Gerardo Costes – Girls 2000 gerardo.costes@hp.com